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Additional members to this blog

I have decided to open this into a wider advice audiance.
So if you have experiance or can show genuine iterest, email your details and I will add you as a member
Email: dirtyego (at)


You have taken the first step in learning how to photograph nude men and women for fun and profit!

This guide is for any one wanting to take good pictures of the human form, and is intended for either sex or same sex interests, that said I only shoot women, the reason behind this is simple as a male I have an interest in the female but all or a lot of this information can be applied to women photographing the female or male photographing the male and women photographing women, it doesn’t matter what you interest is.
You may be wondering why I have decided to do this well its simple, there is an awful lack of good information available on the subject, sometimes there is good information and sometimes it may be poor or a mix of both. There are many books on the subject but you can’t ask a book a question can you! Well here you can, not only will you get a reply from me but others too, so it’s a bit like a club.

A word of warning though, if you intend to photograph models in the hope of getting a date it would be easier to go to the pub as you might have a better chance of getting a date. Models are really strict in their conduct and just because they take off there clothes, paid or unpaid it by no way means they are easy! Models also know other models and any misconduct will likely result in word travelling through the grapevine very quickly and resulting in a shortage of models that will work with you, so be warned
There are also legal requirements to consider especially if you are going to go pro or semi pro, accounts business law and laws protecting the model and industry.

So what are we talking here? Is it porn, fine art or erotic content that we are discussing? Well it’s actually all some erotic photography to one person can be tame but the same image to another person might describe it as porn, so it’s best to discuss them all, including the markets.

You have probably dreamed of taking pictures of beautiful naked men or women and wished
you could get in on the action. You have been looking for a fun, profitable hobby or business.
What could be better than photographing nude men or women! You see them everywhere, beautiful men and women who you would love to see naked. You have admired them on the street, in collage in the shopping centre, on the beach, in the clubs. You search the web for these hot girls only to be disappointed at bad poses and crappy photos. You know you could do better.

Thousands and thousands of web sites with hot men and women posing nude.
Models, nude models, supermodels, semi-nude, lingerie, swimsuit models, amateurs, teens, lesbians, blonds, redheads and brunettes.
Who are these men and women? How do you meet them? How to you get them to pose nude for YOU?!

Now for the legal disclaimer

This blog guide is provided as a source of information only.
Dirty Ego’s is in no way connected with any companies listed in this guide. Nor is it engaged in rendering legal or other professional advice. If legal or other expert assistance is required, the reader should seek a competent professional.
No liability or responsibility is assumed or implied with the respect to the use of the material included within.

There you go I always wanted one of them
Some of the topics I will be covering are:
Legal requirements
Cameras and lighting
Finding models
How do you get your share of the business?


Well I hope you all like this one
For all those photographers out there or wanabee photographers I am going to attempt a little instruction guide on photographing the nude, so watch this space Posted by Picasa

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Here is a picture of me at work! Posted by Picasa

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